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My Singing Monsters Hack – A few steps to Free Diamonds!

Have you ever wanted to have your own monster as a pet? My Singing Monsters is the game for you! In this fun and exciting game, you can raise your own monsters and help them grow and learn to produce music. You can build up a real collection of fun musical monsters for the whole family to enjoy! You get your own island to create habitats for Singing Monsters and then you breed them and watch them grow and evolve to make more unique songs. You can customize the look of your island world just the way you want, choose buildings and design decorations, then share them with your friends! There are countless variations of monsters and looks for your world and you can make them to fit your personality. While exploring the wonderful fantasy World of Monsters, you will hit the wall where you will either need to buy in-game diamonds and gold with real money, or to get it with the help of our My Singing Monsters hack!

So how can I use My Singing Monster Cheats?(Watch the video below)

Want to know how to use our My Singing Monsters cheat tool? Well, it is pretty straightforward and simple. First, you will need to visit our website. There you will have a list of tasks that you need to complete before you can harvest your free diamonds. You will gather points by downloading and trying out various apps from our partners and sponsors. You can exchange your collected points for free in-game gold and diamonds in our cheat interface. You can use it on every platform because this My Singing Monsters hack is working both on iOS and Android devices. Our experienced developers made sure you get your resources fast and secure. For more details, just watch our video tutorial that shows the exact step-by-step method.

How many Free Resources can I add to my game acc?

And if you are asking us how many gold and diamonds will you get with this method? We developed the best My Singing Monsters Hack that uses optimized system for earning bonus points. Our My Singing Monsters generator is capable of providing you 5,000 diamonds and 76,000 gold for every completed task. You will have enough money to fully upgrade your Monster Island and make them sing the best songs ever.

Read Some Facts About this Amazing Game

My Singing Monsters: The Game is an app produced and published by company Big Blue Buble and released for the iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle and Nook platforms. The first game in the series was released in September 2012. for Apple devices with follow up for the other platforms. As the developers state in their official description, My Singing Monsters is a world building game simulation where player is tasked with collecting and breeding adorable monsters that can sing, play and dance! Each Monster Island has unique songs and it is packed with cute monsters! Develop your own arrangement for monsters to make them sing and play instruments in particular order that is unique to your gameplay experience. My Singing Monsters game is free to download and play, but real world money can be used to purchase coins, diamonds, food and keys to upgrade your monsters and customize your islands. If you don't want to spend money on this game, you can just use our tool to hack My Singing Monsters.

Our Thoughts About Game Experience

This is the main game in the Monsters Franchise. It is a world builder simulation game where player develops groups of monsters which sing and play music. The main goal of the My Singing Monsters is to collect and breed all of the Monsters in game and make your own unique arrangement of monsters that are singing or playing music on an instrument to produce the funny and catchy song. You can develop your monster orchestras by earning coins which can be earned in several ways. You can make your monsters happy which will make them produce more coins for you by feeding them food, purchasing new islands, decorating them with various decorations and finally making your own musical arrangements. Gameplay is fun and easy, and very addictive. You will spend hours and hours in this game and it is really good time killer. To achieve further levels of the game you could as well use our My Singing Monsters diamond hack.

What kind of Features you can find in this game:

There are fifteen islands in the game that can be populated with monsters. First, we have 5 Natural Islands, those are Plant Island (pictured), Cold Island, Air Island, Water Island and Earth Island. There are also 5 Mirror Islands that are rearranged versions of the Natural Islands. Next, we have Gold Island, Ethereal Island, Shugabush Island, Tribal Island, Wublin Island, Composer Island, Celestial Island and Fire Haven. Natural Islands are easiest to purchase because they require only Single Element Monsters to breed and populate them. Gold Island is for showing off monsters that are leveled up to level 15. The Ethereal and Shugabush Islands require for you to teleport monsters to them to start breeding. On Tribe Island you form your Tribe and when you complete the Song you will unlock the mysterious Kayna. On Wublin Island there are unique monsters called Wublins that need to be awoken by zapping their eggs on the Natural Islands. On Composer Island you can create completely new tune that is unique for every player. Multiple Monsters of the same kind can have different songs there. Every Island got their theme song that is made by combination of each Monster's tune. Songs are between one and two minutes long and contain singing, percussions and tuned instruments. Each song is played in 3D so you can hear every monster's sound different as you scroll. With our hack tool for My Singing Monsters you can unlock them all!

Now let's get right into the main thing, Monsters! Currently there are over 116 Monsters for you to find and they are divided into different groups. The groups are Natural, Ethereal, Supernatural, Legendary, Seasonal, Mythical, Rare, Dipster, Celestial, and Epic. Kayna that you can discover on Tribal Island is undefined monster that isn't in any of those groups. Natural Monsters are the most widespread type in the game. They are based on a different element and they can be combined and bred to create more complex Monsters. At first there were five elements, Plant, Cold, Air, Water and Earth. On each Island four elements are available which means not all monsters can be placed on every island. Sixt element is Fire which is located on Fire Haven Island.

Ethereal Monsters are rare and must be bred from Quad and Triple Element Natural Monsters. To create Double Element Ethereal Monsters, you need to transport Single Element Ethereal Monsters from Natural to Ethereal Island and let them breed. Supernatural Monsters are Wubbox and Wublins. What they have in common is that they require specific numbers of monsters and eggs to power up. The Wubbox cost 75000000 of gold or 150000 of diamonds. Only the Wubbox can be placed on Gold Island. Legendary (Shugafam) Monsters can only be found on Shugabush Island. Only Shugabush monster can be found on Plant Island and can be placed on Gold Island. There are also Legendary (Werdo) Monsters that can only be bought by Relics. Rare, Epic and Celestial are also rare kind of Monsters that can be obtained only by completing certain requirements. Seasonal Monsters are only available during specific holidays, like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter etc. You see that this game is full of content and you can get it all with our resource hack!